The RBCH experience

Mauro Barchiesi
Università Politecnica delle Marche

The School of Medicine of Univpm achieved approval by the the Clinical Commissioning Groups along with the local Health Authorities of Dorset – England and finally by RBCH (Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital) for the project developed by Prof. Mauro Barchiesi, whose initiatives took place in Bournemouth – UK from 14th to 20th August 2017.
The group was invited as the only Italian and European delegation of medical students who presented the activities of ‘Elective Medicine’ abroad as part of the programme of Medical Clinical English called: “Management of a congested A&E: the English model”, whose clinical placement was carried out by 14 medical students in the second year from the Medical College of UNIVPM, Ancona, Italy. Students took part in the training programme in the RBCH departments and were able to verify how the casualty is normally divided into two distinct sections called Major and Minor Injuries Unit, in fact there is a different access for patients in need of immediate treatment (1-immediate resuscitation), for seriously ill or injured patients whose lives are not in immediate danger (2-very urgent), for patients with serious problems, but apparently in stable conditions (3-urgent), standard cases without immediate danger or distress (4-standard), patients whose conditions are not true accidents or emergencies (5-non-urgent). As a result of that there is a separate triage, too which dissipates waiting time and whose action almost always meets the standard of a maximum of 240 minutes as established by the NHS operating procedures and protocols. In the Minor Injuries Unit area our medical students saw qualified nurses who were taking care of the patients for immediate treatment under the supervision of a doctor. A few hours later students visited Intensive Care Unit for the management of emergency care and life-threatening situations, and the rooms of the Observation Bay (Italian OBI), where patients, who need care that can last for a period of more than four hours, remain under observation before any definitive hospitalization or discharge. In a separate area, in the same department, there is the paediatric A&E for paediatric emergency, access reserved to children and young people up to 16 years. The week spent abroad, in Bournemouth by our students, was also time invested in the use of English, to keep it up to date with a one week intensive course. All these activities are part of the internationalization of our School of Medicine, plans promoted by the Chancellor, Prof. Sauro Longhi and supported by the Dean of the School, Prof. Marcello D’Errico and by Prof. Giovanni Principato. Our students, future health professionals in hospital departments demonstrated high skills both in the context of general and medical education and at the end of the training programme these features enabled them to be certified with specialized training which is very important for their career as doctors, that is to say modern health professionals who will surely want to continue a path of confrontation and research at an international level, fundamental actions to keep raising the quality of care of the Italian Health Service (SSN).

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